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Consider putting a wheeled plant dolly underneath.

It's tempting to start your lemon tree in a pot worthy of its final size, but it's better to start out small.

Apr 09, You can grow a lemon tree from a cutting, although the resulting tree may lack the same disease resistance found in commercially grown lemon trees, which are usually grafted.

Growing lemon cuttings is simple, but you need to make sure you're using sterile tools and giving the cutting the conditions it needs to grow into a healthy, productive tree. Jun 20, Nursery-grown lemon trees are propagated from budding or grafting, using a more disease-resistant root system. Phytophthora foot rot is a major problem for cutting-grown lemon trees, so only grow from cuttings if foot rot isn’t a problem in your area.

Alternatively, grow cutting-propagated lemon trees in large pots with sterile, disease-free treemulching.buzzted Reading Time: 5 mins. Make a hole in the moistened growing mixture that is deep enough to hold the bottom two nodes of the lemon cutting.

Stick the hormone-dusted portion of the stem inside and firm the mixture against the stem. Lemon tree cuttings need warmth and high humidity, so cover the pot with a large clear plastic bag. Sep 21, Growing a lemon tree from a cutting will create a tree that produces fruit identical to the fruit on the tree from which you took the cutting. Remove the leaves from the bottom 1/3 of the cutting.

Choose a well-draining potting mix designed for indoor palm trees or citrus.

Fill a pot with sterile potting soil. Poke a hole 1 to 2 inches deep in the soil either with your finger or a pencil.

Sep 21, Of all the citrus fruits, lemon is the easiest to root from a cutting. Take a 6-inch semi-hardwood cutting from the lemon tree you are propagating. Dip the bottom 2 inches of the cutting in liquid hormone rooting mix. You can find rooting hormone at your local garden store.