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One goal of pruning lavender is to slow down that transformation for several.

Apr 22, If your climate zone has mild winters, you can also trim your lavender bush in fall. After the blooming, snip off floral scapes to avoid needlessly draining plant nutrients.

Lavender excels at resisting drought.

Cut lavender flowers are an excellent way to perfume clothes and laundry. If your French lavender has grown bare spots, you’ve two options to help make your lavender full again.

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Call us today ator request a quote to be connected to a Tree Service in your area. How to Prune French Lavender. There are many different types of lavender, but most fall in one of two categories: English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) or French lavender (Lavandula dentata). Feb 28, Step-by-step lavender pruning. 1. Look for wood. Find the woody base of your lavender plant - that's the spot where soft green growth meets woody stem.

2. Prune the soft growth. Follow the stem 2 to 3 inches up from the woody part of the stem that's. Dec 15, Cut mature French lavender plants back by one-third to one-half if they don't seem to be getting off to a good start. If they start growing in early spring, just trim out winter damage, and prune. French lavender plants grow to form a mound that can reach 12 to 36 inches tall and 48 to 60 inches wide. It needs full sun and well-drained, alkaline soil to reach its full potential.

Prune French lavender plants at the end of the season to keep them attractive and maintain a manageable size. Prune lavender bushes after flowering, clipping back close to the woody areas of stems- but take care not to cut into the woody portion. Aim to cut plants back to about the fourth bud above the woody section.

Tip Sterilize your pruning shears with rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes either before you prune the lavender or after to discourage the spread of plant diseases or pests throughout your garden.

This reduces the size of a lavender bush dramatically, but it results in a longer-lived, healthier plant. ACTION: A subshrub like lavender is pruned in fall or winter. This pruning stimulates the plant to waste energy as it produces new growth. RESULT: Tender new growth is damaged or killed by frosty temperatures, and the plant loses vigor or dies since its energy reserves are spent.