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The roots are currently holding the only stores of energy that the plant can use.

Sep 13, Q: My Meyer lemon is about seven feet tall and is covered with small, green fruit, but it has lost most of its leaves. What should I do? A: Citrus tend naturally to drop some leaves during Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. The Meyer is quite sensitive to light changes; dramatic changes in light often cause the tree to drop most or all of its leaves to replace them with new leaves better suited to the new light.

If, when moving the tree outside, you first move it to full shade, wait a cupla weeks and move it to partial shade, and finally after a cupla weeks more move it to full sun, you won't have the big leaf loss. probably made some of the classic Meyer lemon errors. First, when you. dramatically change the light conditions a Meyer will drop most, if not all its.

leaves, to replace them later with leaves better suited to the new light. conditions. To move a Meyer from outside to inside without the leaf loss, you. need to move it from full sun to partial. Meyer Lemon Trees make beautiful additions to any space. Enjoy harvesting your own fruit while having the delightful natural smell of meyer lemons in your home. Nurturing your own Meyer Lemon Tree is quite an enjoyable experience with many benefits.

This is why our Dwarf Meyer Lemon Trees are commonly given as gifts for birthdays, major.

Other possible causes -- nutrient deficiencies due to lack of fertilization; exposure to cold; poor drainage and wet soil.

Jan 11, Watering with 90F water helps warm the roots but it will only go so far and for a short period. If you are using cold tap water you will drop leaves every time you water. Meyer lemon will self pollinate and they will do so wonderfully all by themselves indoors without any help from insects. Just mist them with water. Apr 22, Environmental Causes of Lemon Leaf Problems. Cold damage and improper watering, namely watering too much, are common environmental conditions that may lead to leaf drop on lemon plants.

Cold damage – Citrus trees in general do not like cold or freezing temperatures. Hardier varieties are available, but cold damage, such as lemon tree winter. Apr 16, Here is what my Meyer Lemon Tree looks like: No leaves anymore. Is there a chance that it will ever revive itself?

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Meyer lemon often does this as a way to prevent setting too much fruit. Other possible causes -- fertilizing at the wrong time; soil got too dry; soil stayed too wet; tree was exposed to cold temperatures."Lots of leaves turn yellow and drop at the same time." Something is wrong with the soil.

Most often, it's that the roots are staying wet. Citrus trees tend to be extra sensitive to that shift and what seems like a minor change in light intensity or the amount of humidity or water it receives can cause leaves and developing fruit to drop almost overnight. Sunlight: Lemon trees need eight hours of direct sun per day. You can get away with six, especially during the winter off.